Friday, July 3, 2009

lets make fireworks:)

sooo today was pretty fun...i chilled at the park wit my long lost friends hahah...had a jerkin session which didnt go to well all of us were shy hahahah but it was kool....ummm mang i kept messing up!!! jay knows wat im talkin bout:) no fair man i couldnt do anythin i had eyes and ears watchin my every move ugh how annoyin man! rite when i get home the first thing she does is try and get me introuble..soo annnoyin! the nite could of been better....

Thursday, July 2, 2009

wat a bust mang!

freak super super tired ive been waken up early this whole freakin weeek man i need my sleep. ahahah my day at the hospital was better than before cus i got this young lady who actually talked to me haha but then there was a time where i was sittin for like 30 min while she did some perscription papers and i swear i literally was fallin asleep!!! my eyes wouldnt stay open...nd it was like hella cold in there because of the medications....anywhoooo i got home nd rite away my mom started ordering me to help wit the kids and im like DAM i efffing tired!!! hold up!!!...i felll asleep and woke up irritated!!! yep yep that was my day there was more but im cuttin it short!

BTW i saw drakes video....SMH!! hahah ceasar told me wat that meant but yah sooo dissapointed how does that have to relate to the song?
"YOU THE BEST I EVER HAD"...yet he says that line to like 5 gurls WTF?

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

i jus wanna dance:]

otay soooooo today was freakin boring!!! i had to listen to these people talk about things i didnt even want to know about basically WTF did i have to be there?? anywhoooo it was kinda fun in a way thanks to justine and jenine hahah they are freakin hilarious!! we were suppose to get out at 4:30 but we couldnt take it anymore sooo we got to go home early:] JENINE you dnt take directions very well hahaha i think ima go to the baseball park sike! its gonna be lowkey awkward cus they gots a partner and i dnt:[ soooo i shall not go ahhah anywhooo im sooo freakin happy rite now thanks tooo.........:] yah hahah i have a feelin we are gonna have an interesting conversation:] hahahhaha


i be the BOSS you be my EMPLOYEEE:)

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

dude. really?!?

otay sooo i wake up at like 7 to get ready for my nursing class at Kindred Hospital. i go there expecting to get to work rite away but NOOOOOO we have to sit in this conference room for like 2 hours until the lady we are suppose to meet with comes to see us. we were suppose to seee her at like 9:30 but she doesnt come till like 11 yah thanks for having us wait old hag!!! anywhoooo sooo we go and visit all the different fields i wanted to be put into lab work but since that person was out for the day i had to jus assist a nurse.......little did i noe she was the most"SERIOUS NURSE"on that floor...jus my luck rite? sooo i had 1 hr to try and help her but does she take my help or offer me to help??? nope she jus makes me stand there!!! that girl didnt even talk to me how am i suppose to help if she doesnt tell me wat to do? everyone else had a good time cept me cus they had a nice instructor who actually talked to them!!!


K- hi im kayla
N-(no response)
K-stands there and looks at the old men she cleans
N-ignores me while she takes off their clothes and whips their old peepees out
K-gets grossed out and looks up at the ceiling
N-still cleaning
K-still lookin at the ceiling
N-leaves me in the room
K-stands there having no clue wat to do

thanks for.............NOTHING!!!!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

yah i quit!

hahhahah wow sooo i tried to write another blog and i just cant succeed hahha the

1st time-forgot to save it

2nd time-my comp froze so i had to turn it off then back on

3rd time-my mom decides to press the close button(thanks mom)

soooo this is now my forth time writing a blog and im not gonna even try to rewrite wat i wrote cus somethin mite happen again haahhaha man i wrote a lot....alll that writing gone to waste!!!!

my first time...

hahah sooo i jus made a blog and yah im sooo frustrated i dnt noe how to use this thing.....i get all my colors mixed up cus i dnt noe wat color goes wit wat thing.....soooo yah ummmmm i think ima jus wait till jay comes to my house so she can help me......(I'M SOOOO CONFUSED nd ANNOYED haha!!!)